Dino Derby

Publication: Persons WS IV, Currie PJ. 2014. Duckbills on the run: the cursorial abilities of giant Late Cretaceous ornithopods and implications for tyrannosaurs avoidance strategies. In: HADROSAURS (eds. Eberth DA and Evans DC). Indiana University Press, Indianapolis, IN. 449-458.


Quirks & Quarks, CBC Radio, November 11, 2014.

Calgary News with Rob Brown, CBC Calgary Radio, November 10, 2014.

CBC Radio’s Edmonton morning news, CBC Edmonton Radio, November 8, 2014.

Radio Canada International with Marc Montgomery, RCI, November 7, 2014.


Duck-Billed Dinos Gave T. rex a Run for Its Money, Scientific American, printed February 2015 (online release January 20, 2015).

Dino Life-or-Death Chases Recreated, Discovery News, November 5, 2014.


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